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How do I create a team and add team members?

Create a New Team
1. From the Drop-down menu on the left, tap the "Add Team"  (this requires a subscription)
2. Name your team and tap "Create"

Add Team Members
1. Make sure that your team is active (it will be highlighted from the drop down menu on the left and you will see the team name on the main screen).
4. Switch to team view at the bottom of the main screen by tapping "team"
5. To add team members, just tap the "+ Member" button and enter their name and email address.
6. Team members will receive the email, and may accept.

Team Settings
1. In the upper right corner of the main screen, tap the Settings icon
2. Find your team name in the middle of the Settings screen, and tap to open its settings.
  • Workweek Mode - if enabled, weekend days will be ignored in the statistics
  • Facebook Sharing - if enabled, it allows team members to share commits to Facebook 
  • Remove a team member - swipe left on a team member's name to remove them from the team
  • Promote a team member to owner of team - swipe right to transfer team ownership to another team member (you will no longer have team ownership privileges) 

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