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  1. After a successful purchase and download, app will not install.

  2. After a successful purchase and download, each time you run the app it tells you that you do not have a license.

  3. Android - After a successful purchase and download, each time you run the app it tells you that you do not have a license.

  4. App did not download/install to my device

  5. Archange Raphael Guidance and Achangel Michael Guidance are freezing on my iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s devices?

  6. Archangel Guidance Apps Notifications - General

  7. Archangel Guidance Saving and Sharing

  8. Archangel Michael Guidance - Yes / No Feature

  9. Archangel Raphael Guidance 1.3 and Archangel Michael Guidance 1.3 are freezing on my iOS 8 device

  10. Awakenings with Iyanla Vanzant - Can I Listen to Principles from Previous Days?

  11. Awakenings with Iyanla Vanzant - Crash bugs in iOS

  12. Awakenings with Iyanla Vanzant - Subscription Canceling

  13. Bowls 2.0 is crashing in iOS 9

  14. Can I use these apps on a computer?

  15. Cat in the Hat - Read & Learn - iOS 9 - App closes in Learning Activities

  16. Daily Affirmations (HH Daily) - Notifications

  17. Daily Affirmations (HH Daily) - Why am I receiving notifications every minute?

  18. Daily Affirmations (HH Daily) - Why aren't my purchases active in the app?

  19. Daily Affirmations (HH Daily) app - iOS - does not display correct Affirmation from notification area

  20. Daily reminders - General

  21. Dr. Seuss Treasury 1.9 requires me to re-download my books, which are not downloading

  22. General - enabling and disabling Notifications

  23. General NOOK issues

  24. God's Calming Promises To You - General

  25. Green Eggs and Ham - Read & Learn - iOS 9 - App closes in Learning Activities

  26. Hay House NOW doesn't launch

  27. Hay House NOW products are not loading

  28. How do I create a team and add team members?

  29. How do I enable or disable Notifications on my iOS device?

  30. How do I get a refund?

  31. How do I use this app?

  32. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Read & Play 4.0.3 - App closes if volume is mute on iPhone

  33. I am getting a licensing error on my Android device.

  34. I am getting a licensing error.

  35. I have a Hotmail account and have not heard back from Customer Support since I contacted them a few days ago.

  36. I previously bought an Oracle Card app, but the app now says Free Trial or Trial Expired. How do I get rid of this?

  37. I purchased packs. Why are they still locked?

  38. I'm having issues with the new Hay House Radio app

  39. In Hay House NOW, where is a product that I purchased from the Hay House website?

  40. iOS - How do I cancel my trial and manage my subscriptions?

  41. iOS Jesus Guidance Settings causes the app to crash

  42. Is there an Android version of My Guardian Angel Messages?

  43. License Error on the HP TouchPad

  44. Manifest Your Soulmate - General

  45. Manifest Your Soulmate - v. 1.0.2 is stuck displaying same messages

  46. Microphone - General

  47. Mindset for Success - General

  48. My Dr. Seuss Treasury subscription or purchase will not sync to another device

  49. My Little Critter Library subscription or purchase will not sync to another device

  50. Notifications - General

  51. Offline-mode is not recognizing my subscription

  52. The App Store listing says "INSTALLED" but I cannot find it on my device

  53. The Cat in the Hat - Read & Learn v4.0.1 is "stuck" on the second page

  54. There is no sound coming from the app

  55. What are the Dr. Seuss Treasury Subscription and Purchase options?

  56. What happened to the original Hay House Radio app?

  57. What happens to my purchased apps if they are no longer available in the app store?

  58. When I play content, it crashes the app.

  59. Where are my new Audiobooks in Hay House NOW?

  60. Where are my purchases in Hay House NOW?

  61. Where is Hay House Radio in the Hay House NOW app?

  62. Why am I having subscription issues with my older iOS device?

  63. Why are my Dr. Seuss Read & Learn and Read & Play apps not displaying correctly on the iPad Pro 10.5"?

  64. Why can't I update the 1.8 (or greater) version of Dr. Seuss Treasury?

  65. Why have I have stopped receiving message notifications?

  66. Why have I stopped receiving message notifications?

  67. Why have I stopped receiving notifications?

  68. Will my individual Dr. Seuss classic apps be updated for 64-bit in iOS 11?

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