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Why am I having subscription issues with my older iOS device?

In some older devices, v1.0.3 or older may not properly license your subscription in the app or Restore properly.  It may unlock the app the first time you make a purchase, but after this, when you return to the app, you will still see the subscription screen.

If you have one of these devices and are experiencing this issue:
1. Please do not make any subscription purchases until v. 1.0.4 is released.
2. If you have already selected a subscription, then do not select one again.
3. If you made multiple purchases and were charged for them, then please contact Apple for a refund.
There is an option in the form for “I didn’t mean to purchase this item”

Devices potentially affected:
- iPad 2
- iPad 3
- iPad Mini (non-retina)
- iPhone 4s
- iPhone 5-series
- some iPod models

Note:  After you receive the 1.0.4 update, your previous purchase should automatically unlock the app.  If it does not, then please use the Restore button on the subscription screen.

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