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Awakenings with Iyanla Vanzant - My Weekly Date is "stuck" and not showing this week's date

This issue was fixed in a recent update.  However, for some customers, you may need to try some additional steps on your device:


A. Force quit and relaunch app
1. Double press on your device's Home button
2. Find the app and swipe up to close the app.
3. Double press on your Home button to return to the main screen
4. Relaunch the app.

If that doesn't work, please try removing and reinstalling the app.

B. Remove Your app
1. On your device, make sure you have exited any apps by tapping the Home button
2. Find your app and press down on the icon until the “x” appears.
3. Tap the “x” to remove the app from your device

C. Reinstall Your App
4. Tap to open the App Store on your device
5. At the top right, tap your account icon
6. Tap “Purchased"
7. Find your app in the list, and tap the cloud download icon
8. If you do not see the app in your list, then please restart your device and try again.


A. Remove your current app:
1.  On your android device, find your app on the main screen
2.  Press and hold down on the app icon
3.  When you see the trash can appear at the top of the screen, drag the app icon to the icon
4.  Tap Uninstall

B. Reinstall your app
1. Launch the Play Store app
2. Tap on the Menu icon in the upper left, next to the search bar
3. Tap My Apps and select the All category
4. Find your app and tap on Install

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