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Dr. Suess Treasury Family Sharing

Apple does not currently support In-App Purchases in Family Sharing. There is nothing developers can do until Apple supports this.

However, we believe there is a workaround. Please follow these steps:

On your child's device:
- Delete the Dr. Seuss Treasury app (if installed)
- In Settings / iTunes & App Stores
a) sign out if necessary
b) sign in using the Apple ID that was used to purchase a subscription / FULL purchase (parent's AppleID)
- In the App Store, download Dr. Seuss Treasury
- Launch Dr. Seuss Treasury and on subscription screen tap Restore Purchase. Enter the password (parent's AppleID password). App should continue to main screen and function normally.
- In Settings / iTunes & App Stores
a) sign out
b) sign in using child's Apple ID, so the device is back to its original settings

Note: There is one possible downside. If an app update is available for the app, the device might ask for the password of the original purchaser (the parent.)

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