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How to Restore a previous Dr. Seuss Treasury Purchase

A. Please try the Restore feature:
1. On your device, open Dr. Seuss Treasury
2. Tap on the Subscription button at the top of the screen.
3. Tap on the “Restore Purchases” text located on the bottom center of the screen
4. If it asks, enter the same Apple ID you used to purchase your subscription originally.

Note: If you use Family Sharing on your device, then please enable in-app purchases in your iCloud settings before trying the Restore feature. After the Restore is complete, you may disable in-app purchases.

B. If It’s not restoring properly, then please try removing and reinstalling the app.

Remove Your app

On your device, make sure you have exited any apps by tapping the Home button
Find your app and press down on the icon until the “x” appears.
Tap the “x” to remove the app from your deviceReinstall Your App
Tap to open the App Store on your device
At the bottom, tap “Updates”
At the top right, tap the small account icon
Tap Purchased
Find your app in the list, and tap the cloud download icon
If you do not see the app in your list, then please restart your device and try again.

C. If this still is not restoring for you, then please send us a copy of your purchase receipt so we may further assist you.

You may access your iTunes Purchase History:

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