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Awakenings - Google Play - Why does the app request "access to my photos, media, and files"?

We understand how unsettling it may be for an app to ask for access to your photos and media!  We'd like to clear up any concerns you may have about this permission request.

Oceanhouse Media and Beauty Everywhere respect your right to privacy!  Currently, Google Play installs portions of larger apps to the external storage on your device where you may have photos and other media stored.  This permission access message is a "catch-all" to inform you that an app wants to access part of its own data from this storage area.  

The Awakenings app is ONLY accessing this external storage area on your device to play Iyanla's high-quality audio in the app.  

We hope in the future that Google Play will change where it installs large app data to help avoid further confusion with your privacy and security of personal files.

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