Archangel Raphael Guidance 1.3 and Archangel Michael Guidance 1.3 are freezing on my iOS 8 device

Why is Archangel Raphael Guidance 1.3 or Archangel Michael Guidance 1.3 freezing or not working correctly on my iOS 8 device?

We have identified a potential issue with these apps running on iOS 8 devices, and are looking into this.

Note:  Apple officially tends to only support the two most recent iOS versions, which currently are iOS 10 and iOS 9.  Some software tools and programming code related to older iOS versions become obsolete for app developers with each new iOS release, making it challenging for us to continue to support older iOS versions.  

We will do our best to support older iOS versions for as long as possible, but please consider updating your iOS software for better general compatibility if you do not have iOS 9 or greater installed on your device.


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