Dr. Seuss Treasury 1.9 requires me to re-download my books, which are not downloading

The books have been moved to Apple servers in version 1.9, and may need to be redownloaded.  

If you are unable to download the books, then we recommend that you remove and reinstall the app, and then try again.

Remove Your app
1. On your device, make sure you have exited any apps by tapping the Home button
2. Find the Dr. Seuss Treasury app and press down on the icon until the “x” appears.
3. Tap the “x” to remove the app from your device

Reinstall Your App
4. Tap to open the App Store on your device
5.  tap “Purchased"
6. Find Dr. Seuss Treasury in the list, and tap the cloud download icon

You may need to Restore your subscription or purchase on the Subscription screen using the Restore button after reinstalling.

1. On your device, open Dr. Seuss Treasury
2. Tap on the Subscription button at the top of the screen.
3. Tap on the blue “Restore” button in the lower center of the Subscription page, and then swipe past the parental message
4. If it asks, enter the same Apple ID you used to purchase your subscription originally.

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