Where is Hay House Radio in the Hay House NOW app?

The new Hay House Radio is a separate app, and is not part of Oceanhouse Media's Hay House NOW app.  

Unfortunately, there was a message sent (not by Oceanhouse Media) to some customers that may have been confusing.  The message contained a link to a new Hay House Radio app, but was mistakenly linked to the Hay House NOW app.

If you have negatively reviewed Hay House NOW in the app store based on the expectation of Hay House Radio being present in the app, then please help us by updating your review.   

If you are looking for the new Hay House Radio app:

iOS App Store* 

Google Play Store*

*The new Hay House Radio app was not created by Oceanhouse Media.  If you need further support for Hay House Radio, then please contact its Developer 

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